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Myth Breakers, bring back the Dragon!

There is a time when truth must be faced, and the faulty, fabricated walls of myth must crumble. I beckon you, seekers of truth, to search your heart and bring forth the truth about dragons. These maligned and lovely creatures, which graced the earth not so long ago, simply seek a place of love to call home.

When differences are unexplored, fear can fill that void. What chance did the poor dragon have? Their towering heights and breath of fire fueled the fear the mythmakers need to banish the dragons without allowing them to state their peace. Add to that a greenish tint or blue with scales of spiked points in matching hues? It was easy to plant the thoughts of flesh-eating beasts into the fertile minds of the frightened populations.

So the dragons had to leave, not finding a place of love or acceptance anywhere. But from the whisper of the trees, and the song of the night, I hear we can bring him back! If we create love in the place we exist, spreading it beyond the desks walls, and doors that we inhabit, sending love out into the world as a homing beacon – they will return, bringing the magic of life back with them.

So tell me a story of the peaceful dragon. Pick up the threads of stories presented in our story starters, or fabricate your own – and in your hands, weave us a tale of wonder and love. Tell me where they must live now; show me how your story characters would help them return. Tell me of how the dragons were wrongly banished.

And in the mean time, do me a favor… let no myth fill your head, let no difference build a canyon between you and truth.

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