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Wings of Peace

"The wings of the rainbow feathered peace dragon will wrap the world in the passions of peace..."

Dragons are often pictured protecting a jewel. Look at Omani holding the jewel, our planet, softly in her arms. She wishes to embrace our world with thoughts of peace. We have the ability to help her mission, by simply thinking and virtually inking peaceful thoughts. But if we hold our thought to heart, we can think and act in the ways we wish to see the world transform. Dedicate your peace post to our planet, our people, our purpose.

Change begins with one. One thought. One wish. One world.

Pick a heart feather and post your peace wish through this link.
Pass the word.
Every time the dragon receives another feather, the wings expand.
Every time a feather is added, all peace wishes are reactivated.
We’re on a mission to wrap the world in the wings of peace.
Think peace, post peace, promote peace!

Read or re-read the One Hundred Dragon theory. It works for this too!

Post Your Peace Message!

How many feathers will it take?

We're using the equatorial measurement of 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 kilometers) for the earth’s diameter. Our heart feathers have a measurable dimension based on two sizes: 33" for the adult; 23.5" and for the child. (Please do not send formulas and other theorems, as this is our best guestimate and we use the word guestimate seriously!)

This is guestimated on a casual stance for with arms slightly outreached in each size. Every time a message is posted, another peace person stands in place, holding hands with the person next to them, ready for the next person to join in. Once we meet the criteria, the world hug will take place.

So, foregoing the infinite number of possibilities, we will use half kids, and half adults, but time will tell who's really wrapping us up in peace. (Yes, the challenge has thrown out there! Come on people, adults or kids, who can rally for the cause?)

The numbers are as follows:
33,569,409 children
23,905,488 adults
For a grand total of 54,474,897 people. Easy!

Where are we now?

Watch our posts and add your name to the e-mail list so we can post our progress, but in the meantime... Rally your friends, family, anyone to help post peace. How quickly can we achieve this goal? Let's see if good thoughts can travel faster than bad news– hey, let's make it travel faster!

Have you posted any Peace Dragon art? Join our community of divine and diverse dragons who find a home of love and acceptance among our pages.