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  • Year of the Dragon

    January twenty-third marks the beginning of the year of the dragon in the Chinese calendar.

  • A Gift Of Peace

    New York Times Best selling author Peter H. Reynolds presented Linda Ragsdale with his vision of a peace dragon earlier this month.

  • Let's Build a School!

    Join us as we rebuild the Asuncion Oviedo School in Nicaragua!

  • Check out the new "Class Acts"

    We' ve just started the postings to an exciting new wing of The Peace Dragon site, the CLASS ACTS Gallery. Click the Post Your Project tab and click on the first link. And keep checking back for footage and photos of the first international parade from Kelowna, and the first U.S. parade from the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville!

Latest Art Projects

Susan Eaddy's International Day of Peace Dragon
Susan Eaddy's International Day of Peace Dragon

When I put out a request to create Peace Dragons, the lovely and compassionate Susan Eaddy answered within five minutes. Susan, the amazing Clay illustrator and published author (many times over) has put her magic into creating a peace dragon you can make! Click here to read more and download templates.

BEIGIN 2013 Posted by DragonLadyRags

Linda Ragsdale takes stage at the BeiGin conference hosted by the International School of Beijing, right after participating in the student project to climb the wall of China. Once again her Southern tennis shoes (boots!) walk her talk of peace and joy. Part of a spectacular band of keynotes, speakers connected with one of the twenty global issues students will approach with projects they design and implement in their home countries. The school mascot – the dragon!

TEDx Talk Grand Rapids
TEDx Talk Grand Rapids Posted by DragonLadyRags

Linda takes the TedX Grand Rapids stage for the theme “What Now?” Given the title Peace Master, offered her insight into her international peace teaching.

Susan Eaddy's Peace Pattern Susan Eaddy's Peace Pattern Art by Susan Eaddy

Susan Eaddy's Clay pattern for her Peace Dragon based upon her video on how to make it.

A Gift of Peace A Gift of Peace Art by Peter H. Reynolds

What a gift! The amazing New York Times Best selling author Peter H. Reynolds...

Heart Pins Heart Pins Posted by Students

Younger children will make shrink heart pins to exchange with their new art...

Hockey Dragon Hockey Dragon Posted by Alex Sears

Another part of the art exchange uses the artist’s handprint as a wing of...