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Peace Dragon ArtQuest

While on a meditation retreat in Mumbai, India, Naomi Scherr and Linda Ragsdale were making plans for their Friday activities: break their somersault pool record; paint Mendhi designs on their feet, and Linda, an author and illustrator, was to teach Naomi how to draw dragons. Friday never came. On Wednesday, November 26, 2008, terrorists stormed the city. Two gunmen entered the Tiffin restaurant killing Naomi and her father, Alan, and hundreds more throughout Mumbai.

Naomi was only thirteen years old.

Linda survived, a machine gun bullet searing a two and a half foot path down her back, and setting her on a new path.

The Peace Dragon project is the loving response of Linda honoring Naomi's unfulfilled request.

The Peace Dragon project is a creative arts site dedicated to inspiring children of the world to celebrate individual differences as an infinite source of possibilities to resolutions in art and life; it opens the global doorway to participate in an inclusive, non-judgmental environment of artistic expression with a focus on creating peaceful images; it encourages challenging the validity of existing myths by exploring the transformation of the peaceful, benevolent dragon into a malevolent, aggressive creature, and to re-establish its original stature through presentations in all disciplines. It is a collaborative effort of artists creating peace through their art however they envision it.

The Peace Dragon ArtQuest

The virtual mission enters the real domain through The Peace Dragon ArtQuest. An international art exchange program takes art, story and peace concepts on the road. Through youth art collaborations, bonds between world communities are formed where one has not existed or strengthened where there was strain.

This is funded through the donations of celebrity artists agreeing to auction their art where 100% of funds go to The Peace Dragon ArtQuest mission. Please contact for more information.